How to Day-cation in Del Mar

Lives and schedules tend to get a little busier as the year comes to a close. Halloween is in just a few weeks, and before you know it, we’re in the midst of true holiday chaos. It might be difficult to get away for some R&R during these last couple months of the year, but taking just a day for yourself (or for you family) can make all the difference in feeling cool, calm, and collected as we head into the holiday season.

That’s why a day-cation—a short day-trip where you’re home in time to sleep in your own bed—may be just the solution for some well-needed relaxation this time of year. Here are three tips for planning a day-cation in Del Mar.

1. Visit a park or open space

Getting into nature can recalibrate your perspective and make you feel like you’re somewhere completely new. There’s no shortage of open space in Del Mar. Instead of going out alone, plan a picnic and head out to Powerhouse Park or Del Mar Beach with your family or a couple friends.

2. Add in some culture

One of the reasons an out-of-town getaway feels so special is because you typically get to experience a new culture. There’s no shortage of culture in Del Mar. Visit Michael Seewald Galleries and check out some art and keep an eye on Del Mar Plaza’s events calendar for live concerts and shows throughout the year.

3. Dine out

When you’re planning a big trip, chances are, part of your planning entails looking up and making reservations at the city’s best restaurants. A day-cation should be no different. Del Mar Plaza is home to many award-winning restaurants (many of which highlight international cuisine) that visitors from all over the world come to visit. Snag a table, order your favorite wine or cocktail, indulge in a new dish, and enjoy yourself.

If you’re thinking of extending your trip and spending a few extra days in Del Mar, make sure you read this article for a few more travel tips.