Everything You Need to Rock This Month’s Twilight Concerts

We’re midway through the Twilight Concert Series season, and if you’ve been to a couple shows already, you’re probably pretty experienced in how to make the best of your night out. Because every show starts at sunset and continues until the stars are shining, it’s easy to have a magical, memorable time.

With just two more shows left (The Mighty Untouchables on Tuesday, August 22, at 7:00 p.m. and Sensation Show Band on Sunday, September 10, at 5:00 p.m.), you’ll want to make sure your night is absolutely spectacular. So whether it’s your first time joining us or you’ve been dancing along with us under the stars at every show, here’s your checklist of what to bring with you to really rock out at the next Twilight Concert.

Gourmet Beach Box

Created just for the Twilight Concert Series, the Gourmet Beach Box has everything you need to fuel your night. The boxes are your own pre-packaged picnic, complete with delicious dishes from Del Mar Plaza’s most popular restaurants, wine if you choose, and all the utensils you need to enjoy your meal. Il Fornaio, Pacifica Del Mar, and Shimbashi Izakaya will all be creating their own prix fixe menus for the concerts, and prices start at just $12.95 per box.

All you have to do is pre-order your box online. You can pick up your box from the participating restaurant you chose before the concert starts. In purchasing your Gourmet Beach Box, you also get free parking at the Del Mar Plaza. You can simply walk on over to Powerhouse Park, grab a spot in front of the stage, and be ready to enjoy the night.

Dancing Shoes

While you don’t necessarily need dancing shoes, many couples, friends, and families do spend a majority of the night on their feet, dancing under the stars. Hang up the heels and shiny leather dress shoes and come casual. The Twilight Concert Series is a unique way to enjoy some good music and the company you’re with in a comfortable atmosphere. Whether you’re dancing or relaxing, embrace the last few carefree, easy-going weeks of summer and come to Powerhouse Park ready to have some fun.

Blanket or Chairs 

If you’ve attended one of the concerts before, then you know the importance of grabbing the best spot on the grass before the music starts playing. There’s nothing better than listening to the tunes from our awesome lineup of bands while kicking back and relaxing under the stars. A couple chairs or big blanket gives you space to rest your feet if you need a break from dancing or just want to relax. They also give you a spot to enjoy your Gourmet Beach Box before the show begins.

A Light Jacket

In Del Mar, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever really be cold—especially in the middle of summer. However, we’d still encourage you to bring a light jacket or an extra blanket in case the ocean breeze starts blowing. Powerhouse Park overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and while that makes for breathtaking views, it can also get a little chilly from time to time.

A Camera 

No matter who is up on stage or rocking out with you at your side, we’re guessing the next Twilight Concert is going to be an event you’ll want to remember. Bring your phone or camera and be ready to capture the moments you’ll enjoy looking back on. Capture the Del Mar sunset, take a selfie with your concert date, or record your favorite part to the song you can’t help but belt out.

Once the concert is over, you can make your way back to Del Mar Plaza and indulge in a late-night bite or a couple of cocktails at one of our restaurants. Then come back again to enjoy Seaside Sessions, our exclusive summer music series on the rooftop deck at Del Mar Plaza. Visit us online for more information on our dining options and our upcoming events.