As Seen in Eater San Diego: An’s Hatmakers

Popular Adams Avenue Gelato Shop Expands to Del Mar

An’s Dry Cleaning, the gelato shop that debuted on Adams Avenue in 2018 with an art deco design and themed elements that paid tribute to the space’s former dry cleaner tenant, has expanded to North County where its new location at Del Mar Plaza gets its name and inspiration from a traditional millinery.

Dubbed An’s Hatmakers and designed by Los Angeles-based Sormeh Rienne (the Guild Hotel), the 1,000-square-foot cafe is decorated with a collection of hats and hat-making supplies and has a stack of hat boxes doubling as the menu board.

Gelato flavors exclusive to Del Mar will be named after classic hat styles, including Fez, a red velvet gelato with cream cheese, white chocolate, and beets and Newsboy, a vanilla and white chocolate macadamia praline gelato. Rotating monthly, the menu will also feature popular flavors from An’s Dry Cleaning like the fabric-named Canvas (olive oil and rosemary gelato) and Leather, a brown butter gelato with chocolate chip cookies as well as chef David Aguilera’s specials made with seasonal produce.

An’s Gelato is known for making the components for its frozen desserts entirely from scratch, from baking bread pudding and gingerbread to incorporate into flavors to making rice milk that serves as the base for vegan alternatives.

Currently open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, the shop also encourages tasting, offering a “flavor tour” of the entire menu that starts with a mint julep-flavored palate cleanser.

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Article by Candice Woo

Image by Kimberly Motos