These 4 DMP Items will Make Your Home Feel Cozy for Fall

The Santa Ana winds are a-coming, which can only mean one thing…It’s finally fall! Let’s pull out the chunky knits and celebrate the season change with festive fall decor that’s sure to transform your home into a cozy sanctuary. If you are looking to spruce up your space this year, don’t worry–we got you covered. 

Here are four Del Mar Plaza items that will make your home feel extra cozy. 

Luxe Candles

The glow of candlelight immediately sets a warm, inviting tone in any space. Whether it’s greeting your guests with rich fragrances of cinnamon and clove at the door or illuminating an otherwise dim room with a soft glow, candles can add a touch of magic to any home. 

White Stone Candle from Urban Beach House

Spiced Pomander Signature Candle from Sea Biscuit Del Mar

Blankets, Blankets, and more Blankets

One of the best and easiest ways to create a cozy space is with blankets–especially when they’re made of luxe fabrics like cashmere! 

Heather Ecru Cashmere Throw Blanket from Banana Republic

Chestnut Cashmere Throw Blanket from Banana Republic

Throw Pillows

When the sun sets and the coastal chill hits, there’s no better feeling than diving into a comfy pile of pillows on the couch. Adding a few extra pillows to your living space is an easy way to bring a cozy feel to your home.

Custom Zip Code Pillow from Urban Beach House

Light Heather Gray Cashmere Pillow from Banana Republic

Accessorize with Books and Games

After a busy summer, it’s time to settle in and slow down with your loved ones. Adding gorgeous coffee table books and games to your decor will serve as a reminder to do just that. 

Classic Poker Set from Sea Biscuit Del Mar 

Veuve Cliquot Book from Sea Biscuit Del Mar
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