3 Refreshing Cocktails to Try This Summer

Summer is here, and so is the heat! What better way to cool off than with a refreshing cocktail? We’ve gathered our favorite drinks at Del Mar Plaza that are not only delicious but filled with the season’s freshest ingredients–sure to hit the spot all summer long. 

Dragonfruit Margarita | Monarch Ocean Pub

You can’t go wrong at Monarch Ocean Pub. However, there is one cocktail that continues to stand out – and it’s not just because of the drink’s vibrant pink color. The Dragonfruit Margarita is made with Casamigos Blanco and Cointreau, combined with dragonfruit purée and fresh citrus juices. It is then finished with a black lava salt rim, adding a smoky contrast to an otherwise sweet drink.

Orange Sunshine | Tamarindo

The Orange Sunshine cocktail at Tamarindo is a summery treat for two. Combining Saison Rum, widely known for its exotic fruit flavor notes, Aperol, and a slew of summer flavors including coconut, passionfruit, orange juice, and lime – this cocktail immediately transports you to the islands.

Almalfi Smash | Il Fornaio

The Almalfi Smash at Il Fornaio is a simple yet delicious celebration of summer flavors. Made with Malfy gin con Limone, muddled basil, fresh grapefruit, and lime juice, this cocktail is bitter and refreshing; and pairs perfectly with the authentic dishes offered at Il Fornaio.

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