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9 Women-Owned Businesses to Support on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Marked annually on March 8, International Women’s Day, IWD for short, pays tribute to the contributions of women around the world. 

Wondering how you can show your support this International Women’s Day? You’ve come to the right place. Here are nine women-owned and operated businesses at the Del Mar Plaza you can support on IWD–and beyond!

Sandcastle Tales 

Sandcastle Tales is the first indie children’s bookstore in Del Mar. Family-owned and operated by Alex Rhett, the store offers a curated selection of classic and award-winning children’s books, toys, and clothing. SandCastle Tales also hosts Story Time Experience, a regular interactive show that gets the little ones moving and having fun while listening to music, stories, and doing crafts. 

For owner Alex Rhett, opening Sandcastle Tales and serving the local Del Mar community has been a blessing. She hopes that other women keep working on their dreams and believing in themselves. “I think one thing we could all do to support women as leaders is to give them a chance when they have a vision, to listen to them even if their ideas seem different, and give them the benefit of the doubt,” Alex says. “I am grateful that the Del Mar Plaza has given me a chance”

Kim Kelly Fit

For over 20 years, Kim Kelly has been at the forefront of the health and fitness industry. When she first opened the doors of Kim Kelly Fit in 2018, it was an instant hit. The innovative health and fitness boutique offers a variety of training, both in-studio and on the Ocean View Deck, as well as personal training via Skype or Facetime, and a virtual studio with a large assortment of classes to choose from.

It’s no secret that Kim Kelly LOVES what she does. From training men and women of all ages to posts on her social platform, sharing helpful tips and ideas regarding fitness, food, mindset, and overall well-being, Kim’s passion always shines through. As a hard-working female entrepreneur, Kim finds that collaboration is key when supporting women leaders. “I never see anyone as competition,” she says. “My first thoughts are always ‘how can we work together, how can we grow and expand our visions and businesses together and help more people?’”

Jana Ann Couture

In an attempt to fulfill her lifelong passion for fashion design, Jana Ann created her namesake brand and has since become an internationally influential and leading bridal couture designer. Jana Ann Couture’s bespoke designs showcase a high level of artistry, passion, and attention to detail that comes together in creating bridal wear. With every design, she hopes to awaken a bride’s inner princess and unfiltered ability to dream.

Guided by the idea that everything comes from within and not outside, Jana Ann promotes the message that “size cannot limit your dreams.” And her brand reflects that very message–Jana Ann Couture has set a precedent for the industry as she has built the largest Plus Size Wedding Dress Collection in the United States. 

Jana Ann first started her fashion career when she was 40 years old. She hopes her success as one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry shows other women it’s never too late to follow their dreams. 

Kini Koffee

Kini Koffee, a one-stop-shop for delicious and innovative coffee, was founded by Jewell Dyer. From specialty drinks to tasty treats, they do it all with exceptional customer service and attention to detail. The coastal coffee shop prides itself on being a woman-owned and operated business where female entrepreneurs can learn how to run their own business and be their own boss. Aside from supporting her team, Jewell sources supplies, and resources from other local women-owned businesses. 

For Jewell, coffee isn’t just something to douse with sugar and gulp. Rather, it’s about things like inspiring and investing in women, building a community and brightening the lives of everyone that she and her team meets. Since opening, the Kini Koffee team has taken to social media to showcase their creativity and barista skills. And their efforts have not gone unseen. With a growing social presence, the coffee shop has expanded its reach, inspiring many. “I think it inspires other women to be seen and heard. I want every woman to follow her heart, be fearless and just go after whatever lights you up,” Jewell says. 

Kini Koffee is hosting a mini-concert on International Women’s Day! Featuring female vocalists and a guitarist, the coffee shop invites its customers to join them on the Ocean View Deck from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.

CoCo Rose

Founded by mother-daughter duo, Shannon and Eileen Burke, CoCo Rose offers a collection of designer Beach and Resort Wear, hand-selected during their travels to Bali, Thailand, and India. After opening their first store in Carlsbad in 2013, the brand has since expanded to three other locations, including the Del Mar Plaza. CoCo Rose caters to women of all ages, shapes, and sizes who are looking for the perfect, budget-friendly outfits for their next travel destination. 

As a family, Shannon and Eileen have built their business from the ground up. And their message to others is simple. “Support, engage, share, and empower women to begin businesses,” Shannon says. The pair takes pride in building something that not only allows them to explore their creativity but helps them give back. When customers shop CoCo Rose’s caftan collections they are supporting The Ralphy Campaign, which gives $1 back to the Balinese family they work closely with overseas, for their son’s medical school fund.

Sea Biscuit Del Mar

Offering a carefully curated selection of relaxed, yet casually elegant lifestyle clothing, decorative home accessories, and gifts for any occasion, it’s safe to say Sea Biscuit Del Mar has it all. Owner Patty Brutten first opened the fashion boutique in 2018 with the goal of creating a welcoming environment for locals and visitors to shop the freshest new brands and trendiest styles. It has since become a fashion hub in the Del Mar community. 

Sea Biscuit Del Mar is made up of a brilliant team of women, eager to help everyone who comes through the door. Patty believes the full-service experience the boutique offers is what makes it unique. “You won’t find an absent-minded salesperson who never looks up from their phone or a salesperson who doesn’t know the merchandise, that’s not us,” she says. “We are all about the customer and the customer experience.” Here, you will not only find new things but make a new friend in the process.

The boutique is not only women-owned and operated but, like many others in the Plaza, it’s a small business. “Small businesses across the nation need our support,” Patty says. “The internet craze is damaging cities everywhere, and blighting towns and shopping centers and places of gathering.” She urges others to support and encourage small business owners as they provide something very useful to the community. 

Your College Journey

Your College Journey is an educational consulting office that helps high school students as they deal with the stress of the college application process. Here, students receive help planning coursework and extracurricular experiences, creating a roadmap for SAT/ACT testing, finding colleges that help them achieve their goals, and completing college applications.

The educational consulting office is home to several consultants with varied backgrounds. The team includes Carey Cimino, an educational consultant, Harriet Joslyn, a writing specialist and consultant, Denise Sparks, a career development, advising, and recruiting specialist, Nini Hyunh, a testing consultant, Hannah Buechler, an art consultant, and Haley Trunkett, an athletics consultant.


Del Mar Rendezvous 

Serving Chinese fare accompanied by a mix of Asian flavors, Del Mar Rendezvous has been a Del Mar favorite since it opened. From her style background, owner Chelsea Cahan accidentally fell into the world of food. Chelsea’s main goals with Del Mar Rendezvous include sourcing ingredients well and sustainably as well as keeping the food consistent for her loyal patrons. 

Chelsea’s backbone to the restaurant is her General Manager, Francesco Dominguez. Hailing from the Cohen Group empire, among many others, Francesco’s attention to the guest experience and food quality has created an incredible environment within the restaurant. 


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