3 Fruity Cocktails to Bring You into Spring

3 Fruity Cocktails to Bring You into Spring

We love an Old Fashioned and glass of Merlot from time to time, but there’s something about spring that makes us want to change things up. The fragrant spring flowers, warmer days, and colorful landscapes call for a fresh and fruity cocktail.

Luckily, the restaurants at Del Mar Plaza have plenty of sweet libations to bring you right into the spirit of spring. Here are our three favorites.

Hakutsuru Plum Sake (Hyogo) | Shimbashi Izakaya

If you haven’t tried a fruit-forward sake yet, you’re missing out. The Hakutsuru Plum Sake at Shimbashi Izakaya is made with select Japanese plums, or “ume,” and has a refreshing, slightly tart, slightly sweet taste with a well-matured, full-bodied aroma that comes from the fruit. It’s sweet enough to be a desert wine, but still light enough to enjoy with your sushi, noodles, or hot pot.

Frozen Black Raspberry | Pacifica Del Mar

Raspberries are the perfect fruit to transition from winter into spring into summer, and the Frozen Black Raspberry from Pacifica Del Mar uses it two-fold. It combines 3 Olives Raspberry Vodka, raspberry puree, and a little fresh-squeezed lemonade to create a cocktail that’s sweet, sour, and brilliantly refreshing.

Capri | Il Fornaio Del Mar

The Capri at Il Fornaio Del Mar is a celebration of five kinds of fruits. The cocktail is made with Absolut Citrus, Veev acai liqueur, fresh lime, fresh raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and a splash of club soda. It’s like a boozy fruit salad, you’ll want to keep ordering through spring and well into summer.

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