3 Reasons to Get Excited About San Diego Restaurant Week

Every time San Diego Restaurant Week comes around everyone in the city gets excited. The cuisine and dining in Del Mar are incredible options all year long, but Restaurant Week offers the unique opportunity to celebrate some of our best, most-awarded eateries. Here are three reasons why we’re really looking forward to this season’s event.

It’s a Chance to Try Something New

Whether you’ve been holding out on trying a restaurant because the dishes are a little pricey or aren’t sure you want to spend your night out trying an exotic cuisine you may end up hating—Restaurant Week is the perfect opportunity to give something new a go. There are more than 180 restaurants participating around the city (and more than 20 in the Del Mar area alone), so use this as an opportunity to make a reservation at that place you’ve always wanted to dine.

Pacifica Del Mar’s Menus Are Going to Be Impossible to Pass Up

While we highly recommend checking out somewhere new, it’s hard to pass up an old favorite. Pacifica Del Mar is participating in this season’s Restaurant Week and the prix fixe menus they’ve created sound seriously delicious. For lunch, you can choose a soup or salad plus an entrée for just $20; the dinner options include a three-course meal (including a petite tasting item, soup or salad, and entrée) for $40. So, if the plethora of options gets overwhelming, you know you can always turn to your favorite dishes at Pacifica.

It Makes for an Awesome Night Out

No matter where you end up dining during Restaurant Week, you really can’t go wrong. So make your reservations now—for Girls Night Out, a romantic dinner for two, or lunch with the family—and take advantage of all the delicious deals and mouthwatering plates.

If you miss out on Restaurant Week but still want to sample some award-winning cuisine, make a reservation at one of the amazing restaurants at Del Mar Plaza. Visit us online for a full directory.