5 Seasonal Items that Will Keep You Warm at Del Mar Plaza

Truth be told, we’re a little spoiled in Del Mar. Even in the middle of winter, our average temperatures rarely dip below the 60s. On the rare occasions it does get a little chilly, it’s nice to have a few go-to items to keep you warm. Luckily, Del Mar Plaza has a few unique places with specialty items that’ll do the trick. Here’s what you need for the nights and days in Del Mar that actually feel like winter.

A California-Cool Sweatshirt from Urban Beach House

Known for its surf-inspired beachwear, most people drop into Urban Beach House for a t-shirt. However, once it gets cold out, a t-shirt on its own becomes a little impractical, so instead, opt for a just-as-cool sweatshirt. It’ll serve as a souvenir of Del Mar and also keep you warm.

A Cozy Candle from Seabiscuit Del Mar

Sure, a candle won’t exactly help you combat the chill outside, but it will give you a cozy feeling that’ll warm you from the inside out. The Ski House candle from Sea Biscuit Del Mar has the perfect fragrance for cold nights—even if there’s no snow in sight.

A Cold-Weather Accessory from Banana Republic

When you can’t decide what between a hat, scarf, or pair of gloves, head to Banana Republic. The popular chain has a wide variety of contemporary and classic pieces to help you stay warm all season long.

A Hot Toddy from Pacifica Del Mar

Speaking of warming up from the inside out, what better way to beat the cold than with a hot toddy? Pacifica Del Mar boasts an impressive cocktail menu, so even if a hot toddy isn’t your thing, you’ll surely find something to keep you warm.

A Hot Tea from Pacifica Breeze Café

On cool, crisp mornings, stop by Pacifica Breeze Café for a hot tea. Their Matcha and Chai Tea Lattes will warm you right up! Coffee fiends can grab a cappuccino or mocha to get their caffeine fix while staying warm.

As we approach the holidays and winter months, there are a ton of reasons to visit Del Mar Plaza! Check out our events calendar to keep up with all the cold-weather activities going on at the Plaza this season.