To pay homage to the colors of summer in Southern California, Celeste and Jon created a work called “Sunset” that will emphasize movement through pre-existing architecture using color and light and creating an illusion of color mixing and play. The visitor can experience the piece from different perspectives.

“When Celeste and I first discussed the idea of an installation at Del Mar Plaza we had no idea where to start. While walking the site we discovered this lofty, narrow pathway that acted as a sort of visual bridge, connecting guests from the entrance at 15th street to the main courtyard and views of the ocean beyond,” stated Jon. “We determined that we could utilize this unique architectural feature to accentuate the space by bringing the colors of a San Diego sunset into the long walkway. By draping colored fabric that would increase in length from one end to the other, the piece would entice visitors to walk the length of the hall and explore the installation as well as the plaza itself. We chose to use a stiff mesh fabric as it would allow air and light to travel freely throughout the piece as well as visually create a blending of color as you see the next layer through the one before it.”

Jon Pucci is a San Diego based artist and received his BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design and has spent the past ten years working as a painter, muralist, installation artist, and designer. He has created public works throughout the US., Mexico, and Russia. Celeste is an artist and native San Diegan specializing in large-scale site-specific murals and installations. She graduated with a BFA in Illustration from Art Center College of Design and has been working internationally as a freelance muralist, illustrator, and installation artist.

“Del Mar Plaza is a rich and vibrant place, with a setting like no other. We are thrilled to be working with local artists and art institutions to enliven the public areas further and provide the community more reasons to visit,” stated Marc and Patty Brutten, Del Mar Plaza owners.