Kick Off the New Year by Trying Something New and Delicious

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? Maybe it was to prioritize your health, to update your wardrobe, or focus on self-care, whatever it is, Del Mar Plaza can help you kick off your New Year the right way—especially if it’s to add a little adventure to your life in 2020.

The restaurants at Del Mar Plaza are award-winning for a reason, and if you’re looking to try something new in the New Year, they are the perfect place to start. Here are five incredible, mouth-wateringly delicious dishes to try at Del Mar Plaza.

Scaloppine al Carciofi e Limone

If your go-to Italian dishes include pasta and pizza, Il Fornaio Del Mar will introduce you to many new flavors. The Scaloppine al Carciofi e Limone is a thinly-pounded veal sautéed with sliced fresh baby artichokes and lemon, and we’re guessing it’s not a plate you’d regularly order. Try it with an open mind, then go ahead and order an old favorite—tiramisu—for dessert.

Breeze Breakfast Sando

We know you can’t go wrong with a traditional avocado toast, omelet, or bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, but why not start your morning off with something a little different? Pacifica Breeze Café’s Breeze Breakfast Sando—which is topped with an over-easy egg, tomato-bacon jam, Applewood smoked bacon, and Oaxaca cheese—is a Del Mar favorite, but it might be something you’ve overlooked in the past. Make this the year you finally try it!


Japanese cuisine is known for being inventive, and Shimbashi Izakaya takes it to the next level. Shimbashi’s chef customizes the Omakase course based on the freshest seasonal ingredients. So, even if you were to order this again and again, you’d likely end up with something new every time you dine out.

Miracle Margarita

You may think a margarita is just a margarita, but the Miracle Margarita from Pacifica Del Mar will change your perception. It’s made with Milagro tequila and hibiscus liqueur, for a twist on the traditional libation. The restaurant also serves more than 100 of the world’s finest vodkas, and its selection of cocktails is continually changing, so you’ll always find something new to sip.


If your usual Chinese dinner consists of fried rice, orange chicken, and fortune cookies, you’re severely missing out. Del Mar Rendezvous has authentic dishes you’ve probably never tried before. From Yu Hsiang Eggplant to Konnyaku Noodles, you could spend the entire year exploring the menu and ordering something new each time. Our favorite out-of-the-box dish, however, is the Xiangjiao, an eggroll filled with banana cheesecake. It’s so good!

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