5 Reasons Fall Might Be the Best Time of Year in Del Mar

Leaves are falling, daylight’s waning, and the kids are all back in school—fall is definitely in the air! For many of us, it’s our favorite time of year. In fact, a 2013 poll found that it’s the majority of America’s favorite time of year as well. What’s so special about the season? Here’s why fall is extra special in Del Mar.

Less crowds

It’s no secret that summer is Del Mar’s busiest time of year—the county fair, racing season, and irresistible surf draw millions of visitors annually. However, once school starts up again and days get a little shorter, the crowds drop off, giving you ample opportunity to shop our boutiques, grab a few drinks, or relax on the beach in peace.

Milder temperatures

We like to boast of our temperate weather all year round, but some summer days can feel a little too hot. Luckily, it cools down just a bit in the fall. Days are still warm and sunny, and the evenings typically have a cool, crisp breeze to them. That means you can still enjoy the beach during the day, but retreat to an outdoor fireplace for fall-flavored drinks once the sunsets.

Delicious seasonal-offerings

The majority of our award-winning restaurants celebrate fall by offering dishes using the best ingredients of the season. That means there are menu items you can only find in the fall. Some of our favorite plates highlight fresh fall veggies like squash, Brussels sprouts, and mushrooms.

Special events to celebrate the season

From Sip & Shop to Halloween fun for kids, and a few special surprises in between, we take our fall activities very seriously here at Del Mar Plaza.

Killer sunsets

There’s just something about fall sunsets; they’re incredibly dramatic and breathtaking. You can catch the sun setting over the Pacific from many of our restaurants’ outdoor dining areas, most of which have heaters in case it gets chilly out. (We do recommend bringing a light jacket anyway if you’re planning on dining after the sun goes down though.)

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