Spruce Up Your Feed With These 5 Gram-Worthy Shots In & Around Del Mar Plaza

If you’re like us, then every so often you hit a social media slump and your Instagram feed becomes a little lackluster. Whenever your grid needs some inspiration, Del Mar Plaza has the Instagram-worthy shots to impress your friends and followers. Here are five photos and hashtags to help you spruce up your feed.


It’s hard to visit Del Mar and not take a picture of the beautiful coastline. Luckily, the Del Mar Plaza has endless views of the ocean. Whether you’re dining al fresco, hopping from boutique to boutique, or enjoying live music out on the deck, there is always the opportunity to take a quick snap of a sunny sky or gorgeous sunset—with the stunning Pacific Ocean as the backdrop. It might seem like a basic photo at first, but the cotton candy skies will bring in those likes.


From our ivy-covered wall along the street to the fountains scattered around the Plaza, every piece of architecture is carefully thought out. Take a few minutes to appreciate the “Man Fountain” or the “Old Lion Walkway Fountain.” Play with lines and angles—use building corners, the twinkling market lights, and long rectangular planters—to create awesome, unique images that will stand out in your feed.


There’s always a reason to grab a drink at the Plaza. For example, Pacifica Del Mar has more than 100 of the world’s finest vodkas, and Il Fornaio and Enoteca Del Fornaio have incredible wine lists. Shimbashi Izakaya also has an impressive selection of sake that will photograph well next to your fresh plate of sushi. Regardless of if you made it out for happy hour or are getting a cocktail or two with friends, snap your drink, and you’ll probably make all your followers wish they were having as great a time as you.


There are so many award-winning restaurants at the Plaza you could easily fill up your grid with dozens of delicious-looking (and tasting!) bites. Take a photo of a table full of tapas, a colorful sushi roll, a huge helping of pasta, or artfully prepared seafood dish, and your followers will be salivating. Just be sure to take the pic quickly because you’ll want to devour your meal almost as soon as it hits the table.


Spending a day at the Plaza gives you enough time for a full makeover. From lash extensions, to a manicure, to a cut and color—we have every type of salon to bring out your natural beauty and help you look your best. Show off your new look with a well-deserved selfie.

Bonus: #HorsingAround

Most of these picturesque opportunities are available at the Del Mar Plaza year-round, so you can visit any time to step up your Instagram game. But with the Breeders’ Cup rolling into town this November, there’s one extra, limited-time chance to capture a unique shot. There are several hand-painted, life-size horses around the Del Mar Village, and we’re lucky enough to have one right in front of the Plaza. The piece won’t be on display for long, so visit soon and snap your picture with it. If you can find all the other “Art of the Horse” installations, take a photo with each of them and post your images by October 31 using the hashtags #DMVA and #BreedersCup, to receive a free Mizu Water Bottle!

Did you find an artistic angle at the Plaza that we forgot to mention? Share your favorite snaps with us on Instagram by following the Del Mar Plaza and tagging us at @officialdelmarplaza. And visit us online for a full directory of shops, restaurants, and services to possibly serve as a little inspiration.